The world has changed dramatically in recent years and so has our work. Poor healthcare and poverty have been linked forever, but we are now seeing the reality of this today. Add to this the fact that almost everything is only available online, then you can see how vital it is that people have a reliable digital connection. One of the organisation that we support is Street Connect helping people living on the street inevitably with complex health needs. Below is a testimony we just received. To some, an old phone is disposable, to others it can be a lifeline.


“One of our male support workers issued one of your phones to DK who he’s been supporting one-to-one for several weeks, working on recovery from alcohol addiction. D has just managed to secure a job, which is fantastic news. When asked what a difference the phone had made, D said the phone had had a really positive impact in his life. Firstly, he was able to keep up regular contact with his support worker, so it made it much easier to plan his support so the times worked out for him. In between visits he could benefit from phone support, both when he couldn’t make it in and when he needed instant advice or help. Secondly, the phone helped him to keep in contact with friends & family, helping him not to feel isolated and keeping his spirits up. With the free SIM, he didn’t have to worry about being able to afford to talk. Before he’d had a basic phone and always struggled to top-up. The 3rd and best thing about the phone was, as a smartphone, it gave him access to emails which he hadn’t been able to get on to before. He said without email access he wouldn’t have managed to apply for and get that job, so he was over the moon.”