As we go about our daily lives, we are experiencing more real poverty than ever before. But we rarely hear discussions about the impact of poor healthcare in this. 

Our aim is to make a change within this sector and support as many people as possible disadvantaged by poor health and poverty — ensuring everyone in the UK hears about SimPal’s support and is given the chance to use our unique services.

People aren’t just a number, which is why we take a very personal approach to processing all applications based on each individual’s requirements.

I always knew there was room for change within this sector, it was just a matter of time finding the right people to make it happen.

Blair Papworth • Co-Founder


SimPal wouldn’t exist without the wonderful volunteers behind it, who continuously work to drive the charity forward. Our team is dedicated to supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society, drawing on their own experiences and skills in different areas to offer personal support, and practical solutions, that ensure those who are digitally disadvantaged can access the support they require.


Blair Papworth

I always knew there was room for change within this sector; it was just a matter of time finding the right people to make it happen.

Over the past eight years, I have had the honour to meet with such inspirational people who show immense strength and dignity in times of deep darkness. This alone has fuelled my passion and makes me even more determined than ever to continue to work hard changing lives for those living with and beyond cancer.


Chris Lewis
Co-Founder, COO and SimPal Trustee, CEO Chris’s Cancer Community 

It was my personal experience with cancer that encouraged me to help improve life for others living with cancer.

Mobile communication is vital to the way we all live and is no longer a luxury. Cancer can be a very lonely place, and our vision is to make it less so!


Zac Toumazi
SimPal Trustee

I am honoured to be SimPal’s first-ever ambassador and will do all I can to help this amazing charity make a difference by raising awareness engaging corporate partners and, indeed, anything that the charity needs.


It’s always a little awkward asking for money. But without it, we can’t continue our life-changing work and help people when they need it most. You can support the work we do by clicking on the buttons below to make a donation or enquire about becoming a volunteer.