Social Tariffs For Home Broadband.


So, since we started this work, more than 7 years ago, we have focussed on mobile communication. But of course there are so many issues at home too. Many people are not even aware that there are social tariffs available…

Every Gift Is Life Changing

Child giving a pear
Working at SimPal really is one of the best jobs ever. Daily, we send off 'gifts' to people who are unable to connect to the Internet for no reason of their own. Illness, poverty, immigration, domestic violence and more, we help everyone we can, to be human again. The inequalities in this country are many, but can you imagine trying to do something without your mobile phone etc? Almost impossible these days.

What SimPal Achieved In 2023

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2023 was incredibly, our 7th year of working. This can be broken down into 3 distinct parts. Our early days, when we had a very ‘clunky organisation.’ Even then, we were the only organisation doing the work we were doing,…