Welcome to 'Team SimPal' Fiona!

Here at Simpal we absolutely love collaborating so when Fiona mentioned that she would like to help raise some money for us we got in touch.

Fiona runs ‘Sparkle Through Chemo ‘ helping people with skin and similar issues during and after chancer treatment. Her own personal experience with cancer has driven her on to help others and we would like to thank Fiona for her fabulous offer of support

Below is a brief profile of her incredible work:

Sparkle Through Chemo was created especially for people going through cancer. By offering bespoke skincare and wellbeing therapies to support and empower both men and women though cancer treatment and beyond. I wanted these very much needed specialist services to be available to those who need it the most especially as people who have been diagnosed with cancer are contraindicated from having therapies until they are 5 years clear of cancer.

 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when I was 25, I was one of those people who had been turned away from having beauty treatments. I was embarrassed, humiliated and felt completely isolated and from that moment it became my purpose to change this. 

Sparkle Through Chemo are dedicated experts in oncology skincare and wellbeing offering therapies and solutions for common and not so common side effects on your skin, nails and wellbeing. As an oncology skincare specialist I can help to minimise and possibly eliminate some of those unwanted changes by encouraging the use of safer and more effective skin care products, regular specialist therapies and personal home care routines.

 Skin changes are common during cancer treatments, over 66% of people will experience some kind of dermatological issue due to a number of reasons and are frequently the result of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and medications. During cancer treatments, skin becomes stressed and can cause any number of reactions. Dehydration is at the top of the list of reactions, and may cascade into various irritations including rashes, bruising, sensitivity to touch, changes in skin colour, dilated pores and infections.

 My therapies have been created for people whose skin needs specialist skincare therapy during his/her cancer treatment and are designed to help with the issues in the skin and nails that cancer treatments can bring out. I will discuss any skin issues you are having during, as well as after your cancer treatment, and customise your therapy plan to help calm, sooth, restore and protect your skin and nails.

 I truly understand the impact this can leave you both physically and emotionally and want you to feel reassured that you will receive the best possible care for each of your individual needs.


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