Connection Through Cancer


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For people living with cancer, mobile communication is a necessity not a luxury


We are currently supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society, from families with young children living with cancer, to older people who have never used a mobile device previously. ‘Cancer poverty’ is something affecting more people every week.


Our aim is simple...

Ensuring everyone who is diagnosed with cancer in the UK hears about SimPal’s support and is hopefully given the chance to use our unique services.

Our aim is to make change within the cancer sector and to support as many people as possible living with cancer.

You hear about different forms of poverty as we go about our daily lives, however, we never hear the discussion about cancer poverty.

We offer personal support with innovative solutions to ensure that those living with cancer are able to access the support they require.

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About us at SimPal

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Collaboration and partnerships are key when providing such a unique and invaluable service. Our aim is to help prevent loneliness, social isolation and to ease cancer poverty. We believe that everybody living with cancer should be offered support through simPal and to make this happen we are looking for further partners and sponsors.


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Blair Papworth
Co-Founder, CEO & SimPal Trustee

I always knew that there was room for change within this sector, it was just a matter of time finding the right people to make it happen.

Over the past 8 years I have had the honour to meet with such inspirational people who show immense strength and dignity in times of deep darkness, this alone has fuelled my passion and makes me even more determined than ever to continue to work hard changing lives for those living with and beyond cancer.



Chris Lewis
Co-Founder, Global Cancer Influencer & SimPal Trustee

It was my personal experience with cancer that encouraged me to help improve life for others living with cancer.

Mobile communication is vital to the way we all live and is no longer a luxury. Cancer can be a very lonely place, and our vision is to make it less so!

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Steven Evans
Head of Services

I oversee all applications and network connections at SimPal. I know what it’s like to be in a position where you’re constantly worrying about money.

People should not be put into a position where they have to choose between paying for travel costs for their hospital treatments or putting £10 on their mobile phone credit to keep them connected.



Zac Toumazi
SimPal Ambassador

I am honoured to be SimPal’s first ever ambassador and will do all I can to help this amazing charity make a difference by raising awareness engaging corporate partners and indeed anything that the charity needs.

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Photo of Lee Perriam

Lee Perriam FCA
Head of Finance & simPal Trustee

I have 25 years industry experience as a Chartered Accountant prior to developing a successful accountancy practice in 2011.

I am proud to be associated with SimPal and am committed to drawing upon my experience to support the charity.