What SimPal Achieved In 2023

2023 was incredibly, our 7th year of working. This can be broken down into 3 distinct parts. Our early days, when we had a very ‘clunky organisation.’ Even then, we were the only organisation doing the work we were doing, but struggling for resources. Both financial and physical. Requiring sim-cards and money, for our quickly expanding service. Initially we started in the cancer world, but it was always our ambition to open the service up to more vulnerable people.

Then came covid! Organisations from outside the cancer world needed our help, so we supported as many organisations as we could. Not just with devices and wi-fi but knowledge and experience of the mobile tech world. It was then that I knew we had to open up to all vulnerable sectors across the UK. Some quest, but the cost of living was starting to bite. More and more people were being affected by the ‘Digital Divide,’ Once people saw what we were doing, we received some large donations of mobile devices and a regular supply of sim-cards.

Now, we are the best at what we do. Working directly, or with agency partners providing mobiles/sims to those that simply cannot afford to be connected to the Internet. In a majority of cases these are the people who need it most. As we all know, most of the basics of life are online. Just imagine for one moment that you had no mobile or access to the Internet? We now work with immigration services, NHS, domestic violence, Citizens Advice, schools, homeless charities, poverty organisations, and local Councils, to name but a few. Trusted implicitly to work with such vulnerable groups.

This year, word has spread quickly of our work. We supplied more that 500+ phones and 1200 sims. Absolutely outstanding, for an organisation consisting of just 3 part time front facing volunteers. Our SimPal Family has doubled, and we won a global award for our work in the UK. As these issues in the digital world worsen, the signs are that 2024 will be our busiest ever year, bring more unique challenges to our door. But we will be there on the front line using our skills and experience to help as many people as we can.

If you would like to help us by donating some devices or even cash, you will find the details on this site!

Very best, Chris, Zac and Frances, #TeamSimPal

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